Never Going Home Podcast with Fuzz Chucas

This one's pre recorded from a few weeks ago. I caught up with Andrew from Specialist Subject records. Specialist Subject records are along standing label that now has a shop and has been promoting bands and being a massive part of the punk rock scene in the UK for a long time.
So we had a few little hitches getting this episode up originally. Were back to normal with equipment and quality so just bare with me for this one episide we had some issues. I had a wicked time catching up with Laurie aka Brightr and we talked about music mental health echo chambers parenthood, festivals and loads of stuff.
Dan Wooles Sound engineer and Bass player of Big Willie and the Disappointments. We talk about growing up listening to music like punk rock and hardcore as well as sound engineering and mental health as well as Dan's story being an ex body builder and dealing with body dysmorphia.
I caught up with an old friend Dave and we talked about a bunch all the jobs we got sacked from when we were young, service industry heros, terrible newspapers, outrage culture and mental health, oh and a sprinkle of a speedboat video.
I had guest Jacob Griffith a punk rocker and zoo archaeologist on. We talk about zoo archaeology, music, and echo chambers. Special thanks to Life Is Unfair Audio Devices for the guitar setup ( not sponsored) amazing service and great pedals check them out at More info on my latest project #habitsandmindsets launching on November 16th in Cardiff.
In this episode I caught up with Larry from the Bristol Punk Rock band The Run Up. We chat about music writing and a bunch of other stuff. Apologies for the short duration the full episode can be found on the facebook page there were a few issues with equipment and streaming.
In this episode I speak to Becky and Edel who are both teachers in the UK and we talk about mental health awareness from a teachers point a view as well as the amazing work being done at Heads Above The Waves ( HATW) a .
I caught up with Tim and Rich from Team Beard Records and we talk about the punk rock scene running a label, how punk rock bands are coping today and life behind a record label. Apologies for the few technical issues it was recorded a while ago and I was still figuring stuff out.
I caught up with Adam a fellow photographer and Owen a seasoned musician who's lived and played with bands in the US and the UK. We talk about the music industry, how its changed and why Owen gave up working in the music industry after coming back to Swansea (Wales).

This podcast is hosted by Chris 'Fuzz' Chucas a documentary and editorial photographer and film maker based in the UK. With regular guests appearing current events music and art is all up for grabs with a laid back and fun ethos.