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Pkew Pkew Pkew and Spanish Love Songs Bristol May 10th 2019

It’s 3am and this middle aged out of shape old AF artist photography has come home dumped his bags down after driving 3 and a half hours last minute because he is a little silly and didn’t put it in his calendar like a good boy when his friends told him about it months ago. He left in such a rush he had to fashion a DIY belt out of a spare shoe string found int he car as he didn’t have a belt on from rush out of the shower. Oh my god was it worth it. 

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Words with ... Edel , A Teacher Screaming On Mental Health !

Edel is now a vice principle in a Bristol High school and a massive supporter of ‘Heads Above The Waves’ the organisation that I partnered with for the Habits and Mindsets project to make some positive changes with mental health. We’ve done a big podcast and links to that will be at the bottom. I you like what where doing here talking about mental health and supporting organisations like HATW please get in touch and share us about.

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