Pkew Pkew Pkew and Spanish Love Songs Bristol May 10th 2019

©Chris Chucas,  2019

©Chris Chucas, 2019

There’s no time like the present - PkewPkewPkew and Spanish Love Songs

It’s 3am and this middle aged out of shape old AF photographer and film maker come home dumped his bags down after driving 3 and a half hours last minute because he is a little silly and didn’t put it in his calendar like a good boy when his friends told him about it months ago. He left in such a rush he had to fashion a DIY belt out of a spare shoe string found int he car as he didn’t have a belt on after rushing out of the shower. Oh my god was it worth it. 

I had the pleasure of catching PkewPkewPkew and Spanish Love Songs at the exchange in Bristol. I’ve been a fan of Pkewx3 ( which we will refer to for my dyslexic fingers to cope lol) for a while. On the surface you get a fun band made up of 4 guys that have songs about living life. With songs about skateboarding, drinking, and pondering WTF am I doing stumbling through adulthood to boot. I can empathise with that. I get it, and judging by how the crowd where singing songs back to them so do they. I’m proper stoked to see them back here after last years tour. I really feel like the new album has switched gears a bit adding multiple layers on an already successful formula. This time round there’s a slower sincerity to some of the songs as well, and as a documentary photographer I fell like this ‘fun band’ is saying a lot about life today ( but that’s another rant).

Pkew Pkew Pkew

Spanish Love songs

So. Wow. Just wow, and i’m not saying that in a bullshit like me, like me please kinda of way. I ( embarrassingly) only got turned on to them via my friends like a month ago. I’m not a cool kid and I don’t know all the connections to all the other bands and side projects and to me it doesn’t matter. I like what I like and these guys were amazing. Playing myself I’m always fascinated by music that really really gets me excited. I listen to loads of it and it doesn’t happen tons, and that’s ok it’s just desensitisation i guess. But I was super excited to hear these guys. I think it comes down to a theory I have. I fucking love music when you hear the vocals and you feel an urge to believe the vocalist, like what you hear you believe, not only that, you get that it’s important to the creator that you get it. That is one of the reasons I love Spanish Love Songs. 

I managed to grab some portraits for my #habitsandmindsets documentary project and I did get a quick interview with Pkew Pkew Pkew which I’ll post up at a later date.

( Check out more about the #habitsandmindsetsproject here )

You may have noticed we havn’t been doing to much for a while, and that is due to me having a little break. After finishing the Ma in Documentary Photography at Falmouth I had to catch up with work. I’m hop[ing to get a bunch of new writers and content creators lined up and we will be posting content more regularly. We’re always looking for more writers and contributors so if you have any ideas or want to get involved drop us a link.It would be awesome if you can help us grow this community and share articles on social media and stuff.  

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