Nick Naylor’s Top 10 Albums of 2018 (in no particular order)

Nick Naylor’s Top 10 Albums of 2018 Punkrock-skatepunk-ska

(in no particular order)

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Now that list...

The Interrupters - ‘Fight The Good Fight’

Favourite song Gave You Everything

The Interrupters keep getting better and bigger, it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in recent years! This album from start to finish is incredible with a variety of influences and elements while having much of that Tim Armstrong/ Hellcat kind of vibe! Aimees voice is phenomenal, you can hear her really singing her heart out, they are such a positive and progressive band with some of the best singalong tunes to skank to!

Rise Against - ‘Ghost Note Symphonies Vol .1’

Favourite song Miracle

 It was inevitable for Rise Against to do an acoustic record, it’s something we’ve all wanted for so long! Thankfully they returned to The Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore for this record. It isn’t just 10 songs played on an acoustic guitar, they’ve got strings, piano, percussion and even a ukelele, all of which work so well! I’m a big fan of stripped down versions and it’s so cool hearing hardcore punk songs on a piano, being sung rather than screamed. Hopefully it’s not long until Volume 2!

Alkaline Trio - ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’

Favourite song Is This Thing Cursed?

 This album from start to finish is classic Trio, combining so many different elements from their discography in one cohesive masterpiece! Fans from any era of Trio are sure to love this, it’s got everything you want from them, the mix of dark, personal well written catchy songs with great production by Cameron Webb.

Frank Turner - ‘Be More Kind’

Favourite song Be More Kind

 Frank Turner is one of my favourite songwriters and people ever, his work is so inspiring and uplifting. This album is very different from anything he’s released before and it seems many people are torn about it, but I love the fact he’s continuing to develop and experiment with new things. There’s synths, drum machines and all sorts mixed in with this album while still sounding like Frank!


 Pennywise - ‘Never Gonna Die’

Favourite song Live While You Can

 Pennywise are one of the most iconic punk bands ever. This album is like a well developed 90’s skate punk album with a modern edge, the songs are fast, aggressive and catchy, mostly commenting on our currently fucked up world. I love the mentality of Pennywise how we’re going to make it through these dismal times and they continue to inspire.


Drones - ‘Exiled’

Favourite song For Those Who Care

 Drones are a ferocious and energetic socio-political band that are in similar vein to bands like Rise Against and Anti-Flag. I love the mix of aggression and catchy melodies that are in your face, not afraid to back down.


 Mad Caddies - ‘Punk Rocksteady’

Favourite song She

 This is just a cool as fuck record, Fat Mike produced it and chose some really good songs for the band to do, it’s amazing hearing Propagandhi’s ‘…And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea’ or Bad Religion’s ‘Sorrow’ get the ska/ reggae treatment, the songs are re-worked so well! It’s a perfect album to listen to in the sun with friends and beer, it’s basically what Punk Rock Holiday is like, in the form of a record!


 Joyce Manor - ‘A Million Dollars To Kill Me’

Favourite song Think I’m Still In Love With You

 I think Joyce Manor just keep getting better and better, their last Album ‘Cody’ was absolutely brilliant and this has continued where it left off. The whole album is pretty short at just over 20 minutes leaving you wanting more of these infectiously catchy, easy listening poppy songs.


Face To Face - ‘Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions)’

Favourite song Keep Your Chin Up


Another acoustic album by one of the greatest punk bands around! This album really demonstrates the high calibre of songwriting and how amazing Trever’s voice is in a stripped down format. They’ve done an amazing job reworking some of their classic songs into these new versions which give them almost a whole new life of their own!


 The Human Project - ‘Clarion Call’

Favourite song Desperate Measures


These guys are fucking insane, they are proper shredders with the tightest harmonies! This album is aggressive, energetic and catchy with a socio-political narrative, all of my favourite ingredients for a punk rock record! This album is full of crazy riffs, brilliant lyrics and overall some of the best musicianship you can expect!


*BONUS* Album of 2019

The Murderburgers - What A Mess

I just know that this record is going to be the best album of 2019 already, it’s the Murderburgers!