Neon Pioneers

Neon Pioneers is an art collective / online magazine. Founded in 2018 by Photographer and Film Maker Chris Chucas.

The Goal

To showcase socially aware artists and writers covering music arts, culture, current events and calls for entry. Inviting contributors with relevant content to be part of the conversation. Driven by a punk rock DIY ethic with the goal of bringing people together. We’re all about showcasing socially aware artists and have contributing writers covering music, arts, culture, current events and calls for entry.

Let’s make good shit happen!



Project Summary

Habits and Mindsets is an ever evolving and expanding look at the punk rock community. With its foundation in reportage images, it has transformed into a merger of a portrait of a generation and sub culture. Fuzz Chucas documents this vibrant community as a member of it. The project’s conception was fueled by an unstoppable desire to show an honest and sensitive portrayal of the members of the punk rock community, their values, and the hard work and raw determination to make positive changes to the world amidst the tough times of the modern age.